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Instructions: Add items to the Item Pool using the form on the right. Once you've added an item, you can add as many to your TC as you want. Drag and drop to reorder the TC.
NOTE: This tool works best full screen on desktop. It is not optimized for mobile.

TC Options: Number of items per row: Width of each item image (px):  
Save/Load Options: Save the current TC | Load a saved TC | Load from pet profile (will not load items per row or width)
Other: Drag an item to the trash icon to remove it. Right-click to toggle whether an item can be dragged onto (can help preserve groups of items)

Drag item here
to remove it.

This area is your workspace. It's currently empty... a blank canvas awaiting your imagination. Add some items to your item pool to begin - or try loading an existing TC from a pet profile as a starting point!

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